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Ali Dunn Packer Memorial Foundation
American Museum of Natural History
Audubon Naturalists Society
Bafflin Foundation
Bernice P. Bishop Museum
Big Dog Technologies
Chicago Zoological Society
Conanicut Marine Services
Custom House Coffee
Earthwatch and The Center for Field Research
Denver Zoological Foundation
Department of Environment and Coastal Resources, TCI
Explorers Club
Falconwood Foundation
Florida Non-game Wildlife Program
Frey Foundation
Friends of China
Friends of the Everglades
Friends of the Jamestown Library
Friends of the National Zoo
Habit Research
Harvard University
Harvard Travelers Club
Hillsdale Foundation
Jamestown Educational Foundation
Mary Norris Preyer Fund
Massachusetts Audubon Society
McQuades Marketplace
Middletown High School
Mississippi Museum of Natural Sciences
Mocatta Corporation
Monroe County, Florida
National Fish and Wildlife Foundation
National Parks and Conservation Association
National Parks Trust, British Virgin Islands
Natural Resources Conservation Service, USDA
Oklahoma Zoological Society
Patagonia Incorporated

Portsmouth High School
Prospect Hill Foundation
Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management
Rhode Island Foundation, PAW program
Roger Williams College
Rum Runner Shipping
Sir Peter Scott Fund
Smithsonian Resident Associates Program
St. Georges School
The Florida Keys Land and Sea Trust
The Michael Paine Conservation Trust
The Nature Conservancy
The Prince Charitable Trusts
The Potter League for Animals
The Providence Plan
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
The U.S. National Park Service
The U.S. Navy
The Trust for Public Lands
Town of Barrington, Rhode Island
Town of Jamestown
Trattoria Simpatico
Quantum Corporation
University of Rhode Island
U.S. – China Peoples Friendship Association
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
van Beuren Charitable Foundation
Web Services International, Inc.
Welder Wildlife Refuge
Wellington Catholic District School Board
West Greenwich Animal Hospital
World Conservation Union (IUCN)
World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) – UK
Yale University

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