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Resident Coyote Packs on Aquidneck and Conanicut Islands

The map below shows a sample of GPS points of coyotes from resident packs (family groups), early in the study, after our first island-wide assessments of distribution.  Coyotes from each pack occupy the same area and defend their territory.   There is generally a space between the pack territories, seen below.  Though the general pattern is the same, the number of packs on the islands has grown – especially in urban areas.

Transient Coyote Distribution on Aquidneck and Conanicut Islands and Beyond

The map below shows a sample of GPS points from transient coyotes – coyotes without territories or a pack affiliation.  Transients are individuals that have been expelled from a resident pack.  Usually they are maturing young who are no longer tolerated by the family group or old individuals who have can no longer defend their position in the pack.  Transients generally occupy areas between resident territories that are not well defended.  Transients wander nomadically, generally in poor quality habitat or high risk areas, unless they find a resident pack that will accept them.  A couple of our collared transients dispersed off the islands:  Rhody traveled to South Dartmouth, and Milo up to Worcester MA – after checking out the Cape Cod Canal.  Transients generally have a short life-span.